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Pet Care Products

Owning a pet, which will add a different flavor to your life, brings with it great responsibilities. Caring for and cleaning your pet on a regular basis is very important for both his health and the hygiene of the environment.

There are some details that should be considered when cleaning animals. First of all, we should know that the skins of animals are very different from human skins.

Another important issue is the PH content. If you do not choose the right PH-containing shampoo while cleaning the animal, it may cause the oil balance of the skin to deteriorate, cause dryness and rash on the skin, and cause itching and irritation.

Pets should be washed once a month and twice a year in summer.

How Should the Shampoo Selection in Pet Care Be?

When choosing a shampoo, you should choose according to the skin structure of our animal friend.

You should choose a special (Pupy) shampoo for your puppy.

You should choose a hair-softening (Curly) hair-colored shampoo for animals with thick and curly hair.

You should choose a pigment-containing (Black) shampoo for your animals with black and brown hair color.

You should choose cosmetic (fresh) products for a long-lasting fragrance effect.

Animals must be combed before and after washing.

Liquid shampoo is often preferred for cleaning cats and dogs, but using dry shampoo will make your job easier during the winter months or when washing is not possible.

You should not forget that your pet needs hygiene to be healthy.

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