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You may not have paid attention to the content of dog shampoos until now, but do you know that many products on the market contain chemicals that are harmful to your dog’s health? It is extremely important that dog shampoos are clean and supported with natural aromatherapy oils.

In this article, we would like to mention the importance of our natural dog shampoo with lavender oil and almond oil for the care of your animal friends. It cleans, moisturizes and prevents irritation thanks to the pH value suitable for pet skin and plant-based raw materials in its formula.

In addition, the lavender oil in our dog shampoo treats various skin diseases. It removes bad odors and keeps the fur of our canine friends healthy. Again, the almond oil in its content makes the skin and hair of our pawed friends shine with health.


In order to protect your dog’s skin health, you should pay attention to the use of dog shampoo in cleaning the paws and removing dirt from their fur. It is very important for your dog’s health to use a pure and natural product that is free from chemicals when washing your dog. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to use shampoos specially produced for dogs. In this way, a dog-specific shampoo with clean ingredients, which we support with lavender and almond oil, will be the right choice for your animal friends in this sense.


If you are looking for a clean and nature-friendly dog ​​shampoo, you are at the right place. The products we produce are completely herbal and do not contain any preservatives, coloring, or fragrant chemicals. So, our dog shampoo gets its scent from the naturalness of our own production of lavender oil. It is friendly to the skin and nature. In short, you can use the natural dog shampoo we produce for your animal friends with peace of mind.


You can contact us for your requests such as Private Label Cosmetic Production and Wholesale Aromatherapy Oils, Rose Water & Rose Oil and Lavender oil. For your questions, you can contact us at [email protected] e-mail addresses.

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