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Fragrance-loving French prefer rose scents the most. Perfumes wrapped in a bouquet of roses embody the strong aura of French women.

Damascena rose is often used in the perfume industry for a unique… And universal fragrance experience. Perfumes that smell like roses with their fresh… And pleasant scent are as energetic and relaxing as the sunrise.

Ingredients produced from sustainable sources such as Damascena rose are now preferred in perfume scents. The perfume industry is gaining vitality… With the scents of excellent flowers obtained by providing suitable working conditions… And affordable prices for farmers who protect the ecosystem. Especially, women’s fragrances, which pave the way for a better future together… Take their place in the perfume industry.

‘Damascena rose’ in perfumery

In addition, Damascena rose, one of the most fragrant and precious flowers of perfumery, offers floral sparkles to women. Floral scents in perfumes are strengthened with Damascena Rose aromas. Perfumes that offer a rich fragrance experience with the aroma of Damascena Rose carefully collected from Turkey… And the essence of this special rose processed into each petal are preferred.

The enchanting scent of roses

The scent of rose, which embodies the strong aura in every woman, appeals to all senses. So, the scent of roses, appealing to the senses, is enchanting in the unique perfumes that emerge… With the magnificent harmony of natural raw materials. Lastly, the perfumes, which are composed with the enchanting scent of the rose… Add energy to your energy. Rose scents are among the most popular scents in the perfume industry.

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